why are the american horror story opening credits almost scarier than the actual show

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do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your whole lane, and nothing but your lane





Please make people sign this before driving. Worst driving peeve of all.

i have some bad news for you about the original meaning of this post

literally what happens when white people observe us using AAVE

I bolded. 

And then, when they learn what it means, they use it all outta context. 

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#black excellence  #black achievement

IPS high school student receives prestigious Gates Millenium Scholarship
Alex Dunlap, 16, gets full ride through doctorate
by Tanya Spencer
INDIANAPOLIS - A Broad Ripple High School student is one of only 1,000 students in the country to receive the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship .
The scholarship — funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — covers a full ride to any college or university in the country, all the way through a doctoral degree if the recipient chooses.
At 16, Alex Dunlap is poised to graduate Broad Ripple Magnet High School a year early in May. She knew all her hard work had paid off when she got the letter announcing her scholarship.
[Continue reading article of watch news report of the announcement at The Indy Channel.]



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